What is active work?

Being active at work is an endless search, which means you will have to organize your work and find how to use the tools the best way. In a world of perpetual technical evolution, being active at work is more than ever a present concern. Whether you are an independent worker or work in a rather small company (2 to 5 people), if you need to work with your partners on the same project or need to work on several projects wherever you are, active work is the solution you are looking for. This solution should help you achieve your goals rapidly.

Collaborative work

Collaborative work, is nothing more than working together.

Collaborative works means above all that data exchange among coworkers must be optimal. However and even for small companies, the amount of available and exchangeable data has become tremendous. Data will always need to be sorted out and organized but it has become so complex and diversified that is now hard to properly work on a project. Nowadays, a company needs to achieve productivity by improving all data exchanges and use, no matter the type or importance of the project and/or collaborative work. It is thus necessary to answer companies' needs in the most precise and personalized way, in order to optimize the quality of work. The most efficient solution: network working. Each coworker's expertise being respected, any type of common project can then be achieved.

This means:

  • personal investment of each coworker,
  • the project management must be adapted to coworkers' personal expertise,
  • tools needs to be efficient,
  • technical processes need to be known and used.

Software tools offer collaborative solutions that facilitate interaction, access to data and exchange of ideas. They also help think of a new way to work together at different places (from both geographical and time point of view) and at different times. Software tools creates a "virtual" working environment, in which each coworker can actively work on the project. This type of collaborative work suits to all knids of companies, from very small businesses (2 people) to big firms with several departments.

Collaboration and interaction

Being collaborative and interactive, it is mainly being able to work as a team in a constructive way. It also means being able to create, share and develop the company's ressources.

This means:

  • being willing to do it (motivation)
  • being able to do it (mangement, tools)
  • knowing how to do it (processes)

It is basically hard to make coworkers having different competences work as a team without any technical support. Forcing people to work together is no good and positive solution, but providing them with a collaborative environment enables the project manager to set favorable conditions for an efficient and productive team work.

Knowledge Management

As often experienced, Knowledge Management is only seen as a simple gathering of resources. However, many project managers often discuss about crucial topics such as accessibility and sharing at the end of the project, whereas they should on the contrary set the evolution of the project. Managing electronic documents and knowledge needs to be part of the whole managing strategy of the company:

  • indexing data and knowledge influences their further use,
  • files prevent coworkers to access data,
  • file is just a means of carrying data.

The file is originally meant to contain data and is used to carry this data, but it doesn't necessarily means accessibility. Coworkers and users rarely read and consult the whole data put on the company server because the organization of this information might not be efficient or easy to access.

Our consulting and collaborative expertise

Collaborative work isn't all about software, we help you in the different steps of your project and make sure the future workers or users participate and invest themselves in it. Because we know collaboration is a matter of motivation, management and creation - resource sharing, we organize meetings/trainings from the very beginning of the project and follow its evolution. In case you would already have implemented tools or solutions but are not completely satisfied with them, we can also work on them and help you find improving measures.

Hereunder find a diagram representing all the different steps of a project successfully led to its end. This process divided into analysis, feasability, finishing and follow up, is conformed to all different standard norms for service companies (UML analysis, ISO specification).

Software Tools

The goal is to find the tools adapted to your environment, being human, hardware or technical. You can decide to own these software solutions or use them as OpenSource. Moreover, our expertise network allows us to:

  • development (integration, customized software)
  • install and define computers settings
  • do the maintenance and hosting

In order to find these adapted tools, we establish a technical book of specifications, which helps us decide about the best developments.